1) What type of camera should I use to take the photograph?
A 35 mm camera or a 5.0 Mega pixel digital camera will work equally well. It is important that you set the digital camera at high resolution before taking the photograph. If you take the picture at low resolution the photo may look good on you camera monitor, but may look grainy when printed. A disk with the photo on it is preferred over a print made from the digital file. You may also email the photograph to us. Do not downsize the image when sending the photo. The file size should be 3.0 MB or larger. If you use a 35mm camera, we suggest you use 100 or 200 ASA film. Although 400 ASA film will work, it has a tendency to look a little bit grainy. The negative or the actual photograph will work equally as well. If you have a choice when making the prints from the negative…we suggest asking for glossy prints it scans slightly better. You may send both the negative and print and they can be returned to you after scanning. We will keep the files for future orders.

2) Can I use the same photo for other products?
    Sure, the same photo can be used for any photo product. We will keep your file for future orders.!

3) How many photos should I take?
    We recommend that you take several photographs from a couple of different angles. Also, after you take a couple of photographs you may want to change the position vehicle. As always, try to keep the sun on the vehicle or building. Remember to leave space above and below the object being photographed so there is space to put your text. If you purchase a round clock, we will extend the clouds, grass, trees, etc. to the top or bottom of the photo for no charge.

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